Seeing things

Dimensions: 16cm x 13cm
Thermal transfer stencil on polyester

Repetition features in a current project; a group of prints with the working title ‘Seeing things’. Here the repetition of a window as motif opens the viewer to the realm of the imagination through the suggestion of presence/absence of everyday objects and hallucinatory like shadows. The intent is to blur the lines between apparent reality and created fantasy, to provoke questions, doubts and intimations of meaning and to look further into what appears straightforward at first glance.

This project stemmed from my interest in windows; through which we both look in and out as a metaphor for our perception of ourselves and surroundings. Using the stylised widow template, I repeated motifs to give both figurative and abstract images of shadows and weather. My intention is to echo an effect of passing car headlights projecting light into a dark room, inviting the imagination to interpret their distorted forms.