Shell of Secretion

The installation consists of Shell of Mucus, a collection of four costume pieces (Cap of Insight; Mouthpiece of Flux, Mantle of Quietude and Gauntlet of Chance) and a 3:58 minute colour digital film titled Secretion

The hand sewn costume pieces are wearables and comprise screen and transfer printed textile and metal including touch/heat sensitive components, aluminium mesh, acetate and etchings on paper. 

  1. Cap of Insight,  20 x 20 x 50cm, hand-stitched textiles, etching on paper and acetate.
  2. Mouthpiece of Flux, 10 x 18cm, printed textile and aluminium.
  3. Mantle of Quietude, 85 x 90cm, printed textile/film and wire mesh. 
  4. Gauntlet of Chance, 18 x 15cm, hand-stitched Tyvek printed with heat sensitive ink.

Inspired by the self-healing capability of snails, the installation suggests an activated experience in which I present an invitation to participate – either physically or imaginatively.