One More Push


One More Push
Thermal transfer, stencil and screen print on aluminium.
40cm x 40cm

Shadows and reflections, night scenes, childhood and the traditional iconography of fairytales are all themes that I draw upon. These have morphed into a fascination with the interpretation of dereliction and regeneration.

While perfection through repetition is a time-honoured concept, I am more attracted to the differences that constant repetition can reveal. I create several prints from each transfer matrix which while akin to the notion of the ghost image in monoprinting differs in that the subsequent prints are not necessarily considered as inferior and can be quite different to the first impression. I have used screenprinting both to produce the thermal print matrix and as an element of the final print to incorporate the notion of the ‘constant’ to this process. This notion of the constant is employed mainly to draw attention to that which is disparate.