Hang ups

Mixed media prints and constructions suspended in steel frame
205 x 126 x 100cm

Presenting play as a serious endeavour in which reasoning and behavioural language is learnt, dramas unfold and extreme emotions can be expressed, the two figures in this piece represent a personal statement on self understanding, self-display and the psychological cycle of life in which ‘hang ups’ may change in character and focus but not necessarily in their presence or absence. 

Using a steel frame reminiscent of a swing, antique distorted glass panels are suspended to present a warped view of the inner, outer and ‘hoped-for’ identities. Based on the premise that the body holds all of its experiences within its fabric, on some occasions slippage occurs and what was once hidden is revealed. Age, transparency, protection and connection are present in the multiple layers.

The heads are multifaceted composites of both myself and my daughters in youth and maturity. The viewer is confronted with my features superimposed over their own mirrored image when they look into the boxes. Self-recognition is distorted by the unfamiliarity of the combined countenances. 

Installation shot: Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin. included in Expanded, curated by Andrew Folan, Peter Brennan and Mateja Smic.
5 February – 12 March 2022

Installation shot and details
RUA RED Come Back to Me MFA interim show.