Graphic Studio Dublin – Artists Beyond the Studio

Niamh McGuinne – Shelters in a changed world

Friday April 9th 2021 11 am

Worlds of Escape: From Books to Other Spaces. Each of the artists in this next part of the series interprets the world around them and presents us with an altered version, a lens through which to view the world. We are inviting you to join us over the next few weeks and come and view these otherworlds and their creators. Let’s peek behind the curtain!

Niamh McGuinne is an artist, paper conservator and printmaker. She has been a member of Graphic Studio Dublin since 2010, and is currently on the Board of Directors. Niamh returned to college and completed a Masters in Fine Art from NCAD in 2020, which saw her further expanding her already experimental printmaking practice. She works with sculpture, installation and film alongside her printmaking, which is in itself multi-disciplinary- incorporating screenprint, etching and transfer printing on materials including paper, textiles, perspex and metal. 

Niamh’s recent installation pieces – the Shell/ters, comprised three human-scale single occupancy shelters in which to shed anxiety, detach from divisive discourse, reboot energy levels and contemplate one’s own physicality. The structures are thought provoking and paradoxical, at the same time inviting retreat and shelter, but also invoking a sense of unease- treading a line between protection and containment, escape and  isolation.

Niamh will talk about this intriguing new work, these spaces she has created, how the work’s meaning has evolved over the past year, and how the global events of the last 12 months have impacted on it.