ShadowLight (2013)

ShadowLight, 2013, 03:21, animation by Svetlana Sobchenko, music by Lisa O’Neil, production by George Brennan.

In ShadowLight themes of watching and being watched are presented to the spectator through a non-narrative sequence which hints at the private ethereal existence of spaces independent of us. How does the feeling or knowledge of being watched distort how we behave? Light and shadow play, pattern and effects on glass create an additional visual plane for the viewer sometimes at harmony with the images in the shots and at other times in conflict. The intent is to blur the lines between apparent reality and created fantasy, to look further into what appears straightforward at first glance.

Peripheral (2019)

Peripheral, 2019, 03:23, music by Lisa O’Neill and Christophe Capewell 

Peripheral refers to a nebulous entity, a phantom presence just out of vision, a form which defies capture. The protagonist in Peripheral is the artist who is continually searching for a sense of place, physically and metaphorically, often on the fringes of society. Being of no perceived economic value or use to the majority, but instead considered surplus to requirement, the artist abides. The film was made in response to the diminishing availability of studio resources for visual artists. Combining analogue Super8 footage and digital capture of a set constructed in printed film and metal, the focus is on the artist’s everyday struggle to maintain a practice while showing that creativity does prevail in a bleak situation.