Window Shadows

I was delighted to participate in the PLUID project for Pieta House. I chose windows as a symbolic representation of the restrictions imposed by COVID. They also reflect the shelter that I have been lucky to enjoy with my family in a warm and secure home, with space in which to create.

[Hu]Manned Mission

The moon is a distant object, gazed upon by more humans than any other solid object in the universe (Morton, 2019), yet its surface has only been walked on by 12 white American men. The only people to have experienced it first-hand. However, does that make the rest of our knowledge less valid? 

[Hu]Manned Mission is a pseudoscientific exploration into humans’ interactions with the moon. An appraisal of lunar myths and missions, combining fact with fiction to create new narratives. It offers an invitation to reconnect and communicate with your moon, to consider the importance of language in your quest, because … it matters what stories we tell to tell other stories with; it matters what knots knot knots, what thoughts think thoughts, what descriptions describe descriptions, what ties tie ties. It matters what stories make worlds, what worlds make stories (Haraway, 2016).


2018 – 2020 MFA Fine Art, NCAD
1989 – 1991 MA Conservation of Fine Art, Newcastle Polytechnic, UK
1985 – 1988 BA History of Art and Archaeology, University College Dublin

1995 – present Paper Conservator, National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin
1994 – 1995 Paper Conservator, Delmas Bindery, Marsh’s Library, Dublin
1993 – 1994 Paper Conservator, National Museums Northern Ireland
1992 – 1993 Conservation Assistant, Bodleian Library, Oxford

2021 Arts Council Visual Arts Bursary Award
2020 Arts Council Professional Development Award
2020 Long listed for the RDS Visual Arts Award
2018 Sponsors Portfolio, Graphic Studio Dublin

2023 Centre Culturel Irlandais
2022 Artist in Residence, Senge Group, Chair of Organic Chemistry, TCD; supported by Science Foundation Ireland
2001 Sharing Conservation Science Scholarship, (ICCROM) The Louvre, Paris
1996 5th ICCROM Japanese Paper Conservation, Kyoto (JPC96) ICCROM

Member of the Darkroom since 2020
Member of Graphic Studio Dublin since 2010, currently on board of directors.
Accredited member of the Institute of Conservator-Restorers in Ireland

MIDDEN, Luan Gallery Athlone, 01 October – 20 November 2022
Returning Home, in aid of SIMON, Graphic Studio Dublin at CHQ, 27 October – 05 November 2022
Shelter, National Gallery of Ireland, curated by Anne Hodge & Sharon Murphy, 08 July – 12 November 2023
Carapace, Highlanes Gallery Drogheda, 26 August – 14 November 2023
Shelter Collective, Draíocht from 06 December 2023

2017 Wilgefortis, Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin 21 April – 09 May
2013 Surreal Estate, OC Architects, Ranelagh Arts Festival, Dublin, 13 – 29 September
2013 Surreal Estate, Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin, 09 May – 01 June

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Geomancy, IMPACT 12 The Printmakers’ Voice, Bristol, 21 – 25 September
Ulysses Imagined, Graphic Studio Gallery, curator Anne Hodge, 11 June – 23 July
you breathe differently down here, Draíocht, curator Amanda Coogan 02 March – 30 April 2022
Gormworm, Tapir Takt Gallery, Berlin 19 March – 16 April
Expanded, curator Andrew Folan, Graphic Studio Gallery, 05 February – 12 March
191st RHA Annual Open Exhibition, 27 September – 30 October
[Hu]Manned Mission, Lumen Crypt, Bethnal Green, London, 26 – 30 October
City, Highlanes Gallery Drogheda, 15 August – 02 October
Woman in the Machine/Artworks 2021, VISUAL Carlow, 04 June – 12 September
Lost and Found, The Darkroom, Dublin, Photoireland festival 2021, 15 – 22 July
UnEditioned, Manhattan Graphics Center, curator Katie Michel, 01 June – 31 July
Diamond Point, Graphic Studio Dublin, 12 December – 15th May 2021
Spectacular Replica, NCAD Gallery, curator Anne Kelly 21 – 29 January
CIACLA Online Program
NCAD digital Catalogue
The Human Heart, Graphic Studio Dublin 18 June – 22 August
Highlanes Gallery Open Submission 2020, Drogheda, 07 June – 11 July
The Body of Empathy, Hendrix College, Arkansas, USA, September 2018 – 2019
189th RHA Annual Exhibition, RHA, Dublin, 22 May – 11 August
Impressions Biennial, Galway International Arts Festival 15 – 28 July
Come Back to Me, RUA RED, Tallaght, Dublin, 02 – 10 May
10th Sponsors Portfolio, Graphic Studio Gallery, 08 December – 15 January
On the Flipside: Wendy Judge, Niamh McGuinne & Mella Travers, The Darkroom, 19 – 27 August

2021 Peripheral, Homeland Dog Days,
Damer House Gallery, Roscrea 23 October – 03 November
Alalímon Galeria, Barcelona Loop film festival, 11 November – 18 December
2019 Peripheral, Merciful Hour, The Darkroom, Dublin 3, 10th December
2013 Shadowlight, The Poetry Project, 01 January – 30 September
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Seeing things

Dimensions: 16cm x 13cm
Thermal transfer stencil on polyester

Repetition features in a current project; a group of prints with the working title ‘Seeing things’. Here the repetition of a window as motif opens the viewer to the realm of the imagination through the suggestion of presence/absence of everyday objects and hallucinatory like shadows. The intent is to blur the lines between apparent reality and created fantasy, to provoke questions, doubts and intimations of meaning and to look further into what appears straightforward at first glance.

This project stemmed from my interest in windows; through which we both look in and out as a metaphor for our perception of ourselves and surroundings. Using the stylised widow template, I repeated motifs to give both figurative and abstract images of shadows and weather. My intention is to echo an effect of passing car headlights projecting light into a dark room, inviting the imagination to interpret their distorted forms.