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There is a Light that Never Goes Out

There is a Light That Never Goes Out Dimensions: 46cm x 38cm Plate size 37.7cm x 29.8cm Etching, aquatint and chine collé on BFK Rives Edition of 30 Urbis Felicitas: Graphic Studio Gallery 8th September – 1st October 2016 Urbis Felicitas (city of happiness) is an exhibition of fine art prints by more than 40…

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Ribs and Boughs

Ribs and Boughs  Dimensions: 32cm x 28cm Plate size: 13cm x 12cm Etching and aquatint on BFK Rives Working in a beautiful old studio surrounded by a variety of old and disused windows, obsolete vitrines and historic picture glass, I am particularly drawn to how the inherent distortions formed in glass during manufacture and the…

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  Vestige Dimensions: 38cm x 48cm Plate size: 25cm x 30cm Etching over heat transfer on Zerkall Edition of 10 Strumpet City: Graphic Studio Gallery 11th July – 24th August 2013 In association with James Plunkett’s novel ‘Strumpet City’ being the UNESCO City of Literature 2013 Dublin: One City, One Book, Graphic Studio Gallery will…

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This Must be the Place

This Must be the Place Dimensions: 24cm x 22cm Edition of 10 Etching and aquatint on Zerkall Home: Draíocht, Dublin 12th November 2010 – 22nd January 2011 Graphic Studio Dublin rounds off its 50th Anniversary with a Members’ Exhibition on the theme of ‘Home’. The title refers to our notions of belonging and family and is…

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Glass Woman

Glass Woman Dimensions: 20 cm x 25 cm Etching and relief print on Zerkall Edition of 20   Matrix: Graphic Studio Gallery 9th December 2010 – 29 January 2011 Matrix in printmaking terms means the printing surface i.e. the stone, metal, wood etc. Matrix is also understood in mathematical terms as a rectangular array of quantities,…

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Elements Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm Etching and screen print on BFK Rives Edition of 10 Gold: Graphic Studio Gallery 4th June – 26th June 2010 Galway Arts Festival 9th July – 25th July 2010 2010 marks the 50th anniversary of Graphic Studio Dublin. To celebrate this golden anniversary studio members have contributed work based on…

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