My practice can be defined as expanded print, I incorporate sculptural elements, film and installation. I use a combination of low-tech and analogue systems of production along with traditional and experimental methods of etching, screen and transfer printing on a variety of materials including film, paper, textile, perspex and metal. These prints are often combined in 3D configurations either as a method of display, to encourage interaction or in order to film and animate.

I live and work in Dublin and am a member of the Graphic Studio Dublin (GSD) since 2010. I graduated from NCAD MFA in Fine Art in 2020. I am also a practicing paper conservator and have an MA in Conservation of Fine Art from the University of Northumbria, UK. I have worked in a number of museums and galleries in the USA, UK and Ireland and am currently a paper conservator in the National Gallery of Ireland. This background has influenced my approach to ideas of permanence, timelessness and the notion of perfection.

The embodiment of psychological experience and the nature of somatic response in an underlying theme in my work. I am addressing issues concerning how the body absorbs, holds and disguises trauma. This may be referred to as body armouring, a way of absorbing a threat to counter its influence.


2018 - 2020 MFA Fine Art, NCAD
1991 MA Conservation of Fine Art, Newcastle Polytechnic, Newcastle-upon-Tyne UK
1988 BA History of Art and Archaeology, University College Dublin  

2019 Sponsors Portfolio, Graphic Studio Dublin  
2001 Sharing Conservation Science, The Louvre, Paris ICCROM    
1998 Japanese Paper Conservation (JPC96 + 98) ICCROM
1991 World of Watercolours and Drawings Scholarship

Graphic Studio Dublin since 2010
Accredited Institute of Conservator-Restorers in Ireland

2017 Wilgefortis, Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin 21 April - 09 May
2013 Surreal Estate, OC Architects, Ranelagh Arts Festival, Dublin, 13 - 29 September 
2013 Surreal Estate, Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin, 09 May - 01 June

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2020 Open Submission, Highlanes Municipal Gallery Drogheda, 7 June - 11 July
2019 The Body of Empathy, Hendrix College, Arkansas, USA, 19 September 2018 - 31 August 
2019 189th RHA Annual Exhibition, Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, 22 May - 11 August
2019 Impressions Biennial, Galway International Arts Festival 15 - 28 July
2019 Come Back to Me, MFA interim group exhibition, RUA RED, Tallaght, Dublin, 02 - 10 May
2018 10th Sponsors Portfolio, Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin, 08 December - 15 January
2018 On the Flipside: Wendy Judge, Niamh McGuinne and Mella Travers, The Darkroom, Dublin, 19 - 27 August
2017 Impressions Biennial, Galway International Arts Festival, 17 - 30 July
2017 187th RHA Annual Exhibition, Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, 23 May - 12 August
2016 Urbis Felicitas, Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin, 08 September - 01 October
2014 184th RHA Annual Exhibition, Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin 27 May - 09 August
2013  A Natural Selection, Graphic Studio Dublin Group exhibition
- National Botanic Gardens Dublin 14 November - 05 December
- Greenacres Gallery, Wexford, 07 December - 18 January
- The Lavit Gallery, Cork, 18 March - 08 April 2014
- Galleri Astley, Uttersberg, Sweden, 27 April - 18 May 
- Royal Dublin Society, Ballsbridge, 11 June - 04 July 
- The Hamilton Gallery, Sligo, 13 June - 30 August
2013 Strumpet City, Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin, 11 July - 24 August
2012 Impressions Biennial, Galway International Arts Festival, 16 - 29 July
2012 182nd RHA Annual Exhibition, Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, 29 May - 18 August
2011 181st RHA Annual Exhibition, Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, 25 May - 30 August
2011 Matrix Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin, 09 December - 29 January
2010 Home, Draíocht, Dublin, 12 November - 22 January
2010  Gold, Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin 04 - 26 June
- Galway International Arts Festival, 09 - 25 July
2010 Graphic Studio Dublin Golden Anniversary Exhibition, Farmleigh, 22 July - 05 September

2019 Peripheral, Merciful Hour, The Darkroom, Dublin, 10 December
2013 Shadowlight, The Poetry Project, 01 January - 30 September
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The Shell/ters

The embodiment of psychological experience and the nature of somatic response is the underlying theme in this work. It addresses issues concerning how the body absorbs, holds and disguises illness. 

Comprising three human-scale single occupancy shelters, this work aims to introduce a pro-active expectation of a cure for some complaint we may not even be aware of harbouring. 

They provide an opportunity in which to shed anxiety, detach from divisive discourse and reboot energy levels. That they can be interpreted as sanctuary or prison is a point of contention and within this ambiguity lies a tension between what is anticipated and what is experienced.

Hold Still is designed to facilitate an energy transfer, not to treat an illness but to act as a catalyst. Press Pause may be experienced as a Faraday cage, a form of protection from electro-magnetic signals while the adapted cow-brush in Shed Skin references the importance of physical contact for human and animal wellbeing.

Positioned as a triumvirate, The Shell/ters represent stations in a secular pilgrimage or ritual, the purpose of which is at the discretion of each individual participant’s narrative.